Ralph Smit

Ralph Smit


About me

I have experience in design since I was twelve years old. I started off with photo-editing in Photoshop and gradually learned more and more.

I have experience with in a lot of different design fields, like video-editing in Premiere Pro, remixing audio in Audition, designing icons in Illustrator, creating brochures in InDesign. I also create websites with Muse and WordPress, design apps in Sketch, InVision Studio and XD. Further, I have a lot of experience with SketchUp and other 3D programs like Dimension. All to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Because of my rich experience, I can produce very varying work. I can create and enhance photographs, illustrations & 3D artwork. I can design websites and prototype mobile apps. I can edit videos and remix audio. In short, I’m widely applicable.

Currently I’m a student at secondary school and therefore I work remote only. If your are situated in the Netherlands, I’m able to visit you occasionally for briefings. I’m the ideal candidate for people who want outstanding design for a specific budget.


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